FAQ overview

Are Herbalife® products considered to be part of a high-protein diet?

Herbalife® products are a balanced nutritional program. We recommend 30 percent of your total daily calories come from protein. Our recommendation for protein is conservative and safe for healthy individuals.

Are there any interactions with my medication(s)?

 Our products are 100% nutritional food supplements - so they are safe for everyone. If you have any concerns please consult your doctor.

Are there any technical resources about Herbalife® products for athletes?

You can visit Herbalife24.com for information on nutrition and fitness science for athletes.

Can children use Herbalife® products?

Yes.  Since our products are 100% nutritional food supplements they are safe for everyone.

Can I add fruit or other ingredients into a shake?

Yes. Add fruit for flavor combinations to your Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix. You can also add different Herbalife® products, like Personalized Protein Powder or Lift Off for additional benefits.

Can shakes be made with water instead of milk?

Yes. Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix can be made with water instead of milk, but only shakes mixed and used as directed on their labels deliver the full nutritional benefit of a meal replacement.

Do Herbalifeline® capsules contain mercury?

No. Individuals can use the Herbalifeline® without any concern about mercury contamination. The fish oil used in Herbalifeline® capsules complies with all regulations concerning heavy metal contamination, including mercury. Raw materials from our fish oil suppliers are tested to be sure they conform with strict standards for mercury. 

Do Herbalife® products contain a lot of caffeine? Which products contain caffeine?

We have three Herbalife® products which contain caffeine. All of these products contain slightly less caffeine per serving than an average cup of coffee. One cup of coffee has approximately 85 mg to 100 mg of caffeine.
Herbalife® products with caffeine are: Instant Herbal Beverage with approximately 65 mg per serving; N-R-G tablets with approximately 65 mg per serving; and Liftoff® with 75 mg per serving.

Although caffeine is generally safe for most healthy adults, consumers should be aware of the total caffeine intake in their diets. We recommend not exceeding 300 mg of caffeine per day. Consumers who are sensitive to caffeine should adjust their intake accordingly.

Do Herbalife® products contain gluten?

The following product is certified as gluten-free: Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix French Vanilla. This product is certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO). We are currently exploring gluten certification for other shake flavors.

Has the glycemic index been determined for all Herbalife® products?

No. The glycemic index (GI) has not been determined for our products.
However, Formula 1 is considered to have a low GI since the carbohydrate source is fructose. Fructose is categorized as a low GI sugar which, when combined with protein and fiber (such as in our Formula 1 shake), will also provide a lower GI.

How can children use the products for weight loss?

Herbalife® products can be used for weight loss by children the same way as they are by adults. The products are based on balanced nutrition - so they are safe for everyone. 

How do I make a Formula 1 shake?

Mix 3 Herbalife scoops (big end of the scoop) or 3 dessertspoons of Formula 1 Nutritional Shake 
(Or 1 packet of Formula 1 Instant Shake) 
with milk, soy, or water. Blenders are the perfect way to mix your shake. You can also mix in fresh or frozen fruit for additional flavour.


How do I talk to my doctor about Herbalife® products?

Just show the Herbalife ingredient label from the product container to your doctor.
If you don't have the ingedient label:
Ask your Herbalife Distributor to scan and email you the product information from their Product Information Guide booklet.
Or go online to Herbalife.com and print out the product label.
Then simply ask the doctor: “Is there any ingredient in this product that I cannot have?” 

How many shakes can I drink a day?

As many as you like - as the shakes are simply good nutrition.
However - if your goal is:
- to lose weight - you drink a shake twice daily, for 2 meals.
- to maintain your weight - you drink a shake once daily, for 1 meal.
- to gain weight - you drink a shake three times daily, for 3 extra meals. 

I am a vegan. Which Herbalife® products can I use?

Vegans can use all the products except the following:
Protein Bars, Personalized Protein Powder and the Formula 1 flavors that indicate they contain milk/whey protein.

I am a vegetarian. Which Herbalife® products can I use?

Vegetarians can use all the products.
If you also choose not to eat fish - then you should avoid our fish oil product: Herbalifeline® capsules.

I'm pregnant and want to take the Herbalife® products during my pregnancy. Which products should I take?

Herbalife® products are simply food  - so they are completely safe for everyone - including pregnant and lactating women.
So pregnant or lactating women can use any of the products. 

Herbalife® product labels recommend that  pregnant or lactating women consult their doctor before going on a weight loss program.

If I'm lactose intolerant, can I take Herbalife® products?

You can use all of the products.
If you are severely lactose intolerant - the only products that are not completely lactose free are the Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix and Personalized Protein Powder - which contains small amounts of whey protein.

If I’m diabetic, can I use a weight-management program? Are there any problems?

Herbalife® products are simply food  - so they are completely safe for everyone - including diabetics.

We have many testimonials from diabetics who have had great results using the Herbalife products. 

Is Chitosan Fibre Complex® blocking the good fats in fish oil from being absorbed?

To ensure optimal absorption of your fish oil, please have your Chitosan an hour before or an hour after having your Herbalifeline fish oil.

Is it possible to use stevia instead of sucralose or fructose as a sweetener in Herbalife® products?

Our Product Development team is exploring the use of stevia. However, we are confident in the safety of sweeteners currently being used.
We will offer additional sweetening options as these ingredients are found to provide the same standard of quality that we have with current formulations.

Is soy protein as effective and beneficial for building muscle as whey protein?

Both plant-based soy protein and whey protein from dairy milk have been shown to help build and maintain lean body mass. 
Soy protein has the additional benefit of containing isoflavones which help control cholesterol levels.

For many years, a score called Biological Value was used to measure the quality of protein. Current research shows a more appropriate measure called the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS). Both soy and whey have a PDCAAS score of 1.0.

Is soy safe for women with breast cancer, breast cancer survivors, women taking Tamoxifen or other such medications, or women at high risk for breast cancer?


There is NO evidence in the medical literature that soy protein isolate is bad for humans, compared to other forms of soy. Soy protein isolate is often used as a supplement in randomized studies of the effects of soy on health and none of these studies have shown harm.

Most of the studies showing the benefits of soy consumption have measured how much soy foods people are eating, including tofu, soybeans, and soy milk.  These foods are a major part of daily diet in Asian countries.

In the U.S., Australia and NZ, purified forms of soy are used in various foods, including energy bars and soy hot dogs.  The studies that have measured these forms of soy do not suggest harm.    


What happens if Herbalife® products STOP working and you stop getting results?

Herbalife products will always provide their benefits if they are used correctly and as recommended on the label.

What is the primary type of protein in Formula 1?

Formula 1 uses soy protein. We use a high grade of soybean with a high nutrient content.

What should I do if I’ve hit a plateau with my weight-management results?

Make sure you are using the Herbalife® products correctly and as recommended on the label.
Most people will experience a "plateau" in his or her weight loss.
Stay consistent with your product use and you will get past this plateau. 

Where can I go for more information on balanced nutrition and dietary supplements?

Additional information is available from the International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations ( www.iadsa.org).

Why do you use artificial colours and flavours?

Certain natural flavours and colours are not as stable as artificial flavours and colours. Therefore it is often necessary to use artificial flavours and colours to maintain the physical quality and stability of our products. All of the colours and flavouring ingredients used in our products are approved as safe under international food regulations.

Our entire Herbalife24 line was formulated without the use of artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. All the products are naturally sweetened for a mild, palatable taste.

Why do you use sucralose in your products?

We understand that there are consumers who prefer not to use non-nutritive sweeteners, but we are limited by the sweeteners that are approved for use. More than 100 studies have been conducted on sucralose. These studies have been evaluated over a 20-year period and clearly demonstrated its safety. It is the only non-nutritive sweetener that is made from sugar, and only a very small amount of sucralose is used in Herbalife® products.

Why does Formula 1 contain soy protein?

We use high quality soy protein in our products because of the many benefits, including:

  • Keeps you fuller for longer
  • Sustains energy levels
  • Maintains lean muscle mass 

Will soy protein reduce my testosterone levels? Is it bad for males?

No. There is no clinical evidence indicating that testosterone levels are affected by the consumption of soy protein.